Analysis of the house of bernarda

Black represents everything bad death, mourn, oppression, being closed in She gives a lavishly colored fan to her mother, who immediately points out how inappropriate it is. The cane—Symbolizes the power and sovereignty of Bernarda over her daughters.

Also believed by some to be the woman in the bible who was an adulteress who was saved by Jesus. She maligns the poor and orders her daughters around. A casualty of the Spanish Civil War along with many other prominent Spanish artists, he is still widely studied and memorialized today, and considered one of the most influential twentieth-century Spanish literary Analysis of the house of bernarda.

The House Of Bernarda Alba Summary

Unsourced material may be challenged and removed. Adela is the character in the story fighting to move forward in life and overcome the oppression she is faced with.

Full study guide for this title currently under development. The girl met a horrible fate at the hands of the townspeople, and Adela is especially horrified. She stays behind while her sisters rush to get a look, until a maid hints that she could get a better look from her bedroom window.

The force their way into the room, and Poncia shrieks in grief. Heat is also another reference to sexual desire represented by the fan, decorated with green and red flowers, and lemonade.

Bernarda implies she wanted him dead, but simply had poor aim.

The House of Bernarda Alba Chapter Summaries

Bernarda leans on a cane, which she will use to threaten and punish the daughters throughout the play. Pepe el Romano is passionate for Adela, but is bound by economic necessity to court Angustias instead.

Distressed, Adela threatens to run into the streets in her green dress, but her sisters manage to stop her. A shot is heard, immediately she calls for Adela, who has locked herself into a room. There is also tragic irony in the fact that her suicide is out of grief for the death of Pepe, who is then revealed to be alive.

The House of Bernarda Alba Act II Summary and Analysis

Adela flees into another room. Bernarda is more concerned with what the neighbors think than the health and well-being of her mother. A girl mentions to Angustias that Pepe el Romano, the handsomest man in the village was with the men at the funeral Throughout the play, the men are kept segregated from the women-- they are restricted to the patio by Bernarda and none makes an actual appearance in the play.

Tension is especially high with Martirio, who has feelings for Pepe as well. Then, in a jealous moment, the maid confesses that the deceased, who will rot in expensive clothing, met her behind the corral for romantic moments.

During their conversation the following becomes clear: Adela, not knowing that Pepe survived, has hanged herself. The entire section is 2, words. Appearances are all-important to Bernarda. She defies her mother and argues with her sisters.

The underling of Poncia. The passionate personality of Adela as well. She returns with her hands clasped around her neck and warns the family not to enter the room.

She is quick to accuse her daughters of impropriety not being proper. The second youngest daughter. Tension explodes as family members confront one another and Bernarda pursues Pepe with a gun.The scene opens in a slightly different white room, deep in the house.

It is the room where the sisters sew and embroider.

All the sisters sit sewing or embroidering, save for Adela, who is absent. The House Of Bernarda Alba Summary SuperSummary, a modern alternative to SparkNotes and CliffsNotes, offers high-quality study guides that feature detailed chapter summaries and analysis of major themes, characters, quotes, and essay topics.

The House of Bernarda Alba, from choosing a translation, to casting from a pool of mostly undergraduate actors, to staging a show in-the-round. More particularly, I compare my previous work with adaptation to this process of treating the script as a fixed entity. Bernarda Alba conveys an array of distinctive characteristics, however it is her stubborn conservative nature that enables the illustration of the oppression of women created by equivocal Spanish traditions in Lorca's dramatic play, House of Bernarda Alba.

The House of Bernarda Alba is a reflection of Lorca's intense theatrical sense, meaning that the play's focus is less its simple plot and more the atmosphere created around it. The entire play is set in Bernarda's house, where she lives with her five daughters, her maid La Poncia, and several other.

The House of Bernarda Alba Essay Words | 7 Pages. The House of Bernarda Alba Federico Garcia Lorca was born in and died inhe lived through one of the most troubling times of Spain's history.

Analysis of the house of bernarda
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